Some Changes

What I hadn’t considered when I started keeping an online record of our weekly AO schedule, was that in posting my schedule,  I could be breaking AO copyright.

So in righting that mistake, I have taken down my weekly schedule posts. I shall simply have to keep my records for my own benefit in another way.

Instead I’ll do a term summary that will include how I scheduled and what kind of ‘work’ we did with the various weekly readings, simply posting some samples and summaries.

A Term 1 review will be posted soon.

Musings on Twaddle

Here in the US, if you hear the word twaddle being used in a homeschool setting, you can be guaranteed that person using the term applies CM methodology in their homeschool to some degree. It is a word inextricably linked to Charlotte Mason. 
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Timeline – Year 1

In the footnotes for the Year 1 Schedule, AO suggests students at this age should construct a personal timeline.  This PNEU article outlines various styles of timeline that can be created in order to teach children chronology.

In order to correlate all the different figures and events from history that we touch on in Year 1, and to incorporate our own personal timelines, we decided to construct a family timeline book that we will keep as a group for the first several years of schooling with AmblesideOnline.

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Author Spotlight – James Baldwin

James Baldwin (1841–1925) was born in Indiana, United States and made a career as an educator and administrator in that state starting at the age of 24. He served as the superintendent of Indiana’s school system for eighteen years and then went on to become a widely published textbook editor and children’s author in the subjects of legends, mythology, biography, and literature, among others.

Perhaps Baldwin's most well-known work today

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Author Spotlight – Henrietta Elizabeth Marshall

Our Island Story

Not much is known about Henrietta Elizabeth Marshall. The bulk of information available about her life seems to come from her obituary from The Times of London, which is referred to in a Wikipedia article about her. I have not been able to find a copy of it and Wikipedia provides no link.
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Resource Guide – Paddle to the Sea

***This Resource Guide is a work in progress!***


Anything other than handicrafts, narration, mapwork, and constructing a Paddle timeline, is most likely not compatible with Charlotte Mason methodology but is included here for those looking for a range of resources not necessarily CM.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

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Author Spotlight – Clara Dillingham Pierson

Among the Pond People

Clara Dillingham Pierson was born March 11, 1868 in Coldwater, Michigan. She was the only child of Captain Lucius Abell Dillingham and Jennie Lincoln. She was primarily schooled at home by her mother, but did graduate from a kindergarten training program in Chicago. Before her marriage to John W.S. Pierson in 1894, she taught a two-year kindergarten-training course at Alma College. After her marriage, she began writing for and about children. Her books were published by E.P. Dutton & Co… Clara D. Pierson moved to Grand Rapids in 1930 with her husband John and lived there until her death in 1952.

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