Resource Guide – Paddle to the Sea

***This Resource Guide is a work in progress!***


Anything other than handicrafts, narration, mapwork, and constructing a Paddle timeline, is most likely not compatible with Charlotte Mason methodology but is included here for those looking for a range of resources not necessarily CM.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Complete Film

Blank Maps from GoAlongs
Emily T’s Maps
Blank Great Lakes Map
$ Map from Beautiful Feet Books

Google Lit Trip for Paddle-to-the-Sea – Summary
Google Lit Trip for Paddle-to-the-Sea – Google Earth file

Chapter Resources

1. How Paddle Came to Be
Carve a boat from soap
Make a popsicle stick canoe
Make a miniature birchbark canoe
$ Leather canoe kit

2. Long River Reaching to the Sea
Make a model of the Great Lakes
Animation – How the Great Lakes Flow

3. Paddle Starts on His Journey
Animal Tracks

4. Brook and Beaver Pond
Nature Study – Outdoor Hour Challenge – Beavers and Muskrats
Diagrams of Beaver Dams
Video – How Beavers Build a Lodge
Video – About Beavers

5. Breakup of the River
Video – Ice River Breakup
Video – Another River Breakup

6. Paddle Meets a Sawmill
Video – How a Lock Works
Video – River Log Drive
Video – The Last Log Drive
Video – From Stump to Ship – 30min 1930 logging film

7. Paddle Meets a Friend
Video – Steam Powered 1800s Circular Sawmill 
Video – Modern Sawmill

8. The Largest Lake in the World

9. Paddle Crosses Two Borders
History of Thunder Bay
Interesting Facts about Modern Thunder Bay
Article – The Decline of Grain Elevators in Thunder Bay
Port of Thunder Bay Grain Facilities
Video – How a Grain Elevator Works

10. Life in a Northern Marsh
Great Lakes Wetlands Field Guide

11. Paddle Finds One End of Lake Superior
Video – Loading Iron Ore onto a Ship

12. A Fish Story
Photos – The Apostle Islands Sea Caves
Video – Lake Superior Fishing
Video – Processing a Fish
Video – Casting a Net

13. Adrift Again
Video – Generating Electricity
Video – How Hydroelectricity Works

14. The Shipwreck
Lake Superior Lighthouse Map
Art Activity – Drawing a Lighthouse
Lake Superior Shipwreck Map
Coast Guard Breeches Bouy Drill

15. Dry Dock
Colouring Book – US Coast Guard
Video – Coast Guard ice cutter through frozen Great Lakes

16. By Dog Sled to the Soo
Video – Dog Sledding
Video – Ship through the Soo Locks

17. Non-Stop Down Lake Michigan

18. Paddle Returns to the North

19. Forest Fire
What Causes Forest Fires
Interactive – Only YOU Can Prevent Forest Fires!

20. Through Lake Huron
Everything You Need to Know About Ice Fishing
Video – Potawatomi Indians

21. Paddle Reaches Lake Erie
Video – Lake Erie in Winter

22. Paddle Takes a Great Fall
Video – Niagara Falls

23. Lake Ontario At Last

24. Along the Great River

25. Rivers in the Sea

26. Paddle Finds a New Friend

27. On a Wharf
Where a few other Paddles ended up!
A ‘found’ Paddle

Other Resources
Narration Guide or try this link
About the Great Lakes
Vocabulary and Comprehension Questions
ERIC Teacher’s Guide
Supplemental Activities
Gulf of Maine Research Authority Paddle Activities
Unit Study style chapter activities
Homeschool Helper Online Unit Study
Paddle-to-the-Sea notebooking pages


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