Author Spotlight – Henrietta Elizabeth Marshall

Our Island Story

Not much is known about Henrietta Elizabeth Marshall. The bulk of information available about her life seems to come from her obituary from The Times of London, which is referred to in a Wikipedia article about her. I have not been able to find a copy of it and Wikipedia provides no link.

Marshall was a British author, most known for historical works for children.   According to most sources, she was born on the 9th of August, 1867, in Bo’ness, Scotland.  She received her education at a girls’ boarding school, and between 1901 and 1904 was the superintendent of a hall of residence for female students at the University of Glasgow. Other than this period of employment, she appears to have made her living throughout her life by writing. She never married.

She is known to have travelled extensively after 1904, including to Melbourne, California and China, although her obituary in The Times, referred to by Wikipedia, stated that she spent most of her life in Oxford and in London, where she died on the 19th of September, 1941.

H. E. Marshall’s books were an integral part of British school curriculum for decades.  Author, Kevin Crossley Holland, writes of how his fascination with history was influenced by a copy of Our Island Story his mother kept in the car.

Histories for Children
1905 – Our Island Story
(Internet Archive)(Google Books)(Baldwin Project)
1906 – Scotland’s Story
(Internet Archive)(Baldwin Project)
1908 – Our Empire Story
(Internet Archive)(Baldwin Project)(HathiTrust)
1912 – A History of France
(Internet Archive)(HathiTrust)
1913 – A History of Germany
(Internet Archive)(Baldwin Project)
1917 – This Country of Ours
(Internet Archive)(Google Books)(Baldwin Project)(Gutenberg)(Free Kindle)
1920 – The Story of Europe
(Internet Archive)(Baldwin Project)
1937 – Kings and Things – Not in the Public Domain

1908 – Through Europe with Napoleon
(Internet Archive)(Baldwin Project)
1912 – Through Great Britain and Ireland With Cromwell
(Internet Archive)(Baldwin Project)
1914 – Boy Kings and Girl Queens
(Internet Archive)(Google Books)(HathiTrust)

1905 – Stories of Robin Hood Told to the Children
(Baldwin Project)
1906 – Stories of Guy of Warwick Told to the Children
(Baldwin Project)
1907 – Stories of Roland Told to the Children
(Internet Archive)(Baldwin Project)(HathiTrust)
1907 – Stories of William Tell Told to the Children
(Baldwin Project)
1908 – Stories of Beowulf Told to the Children
(Google Books)(Baldwin Project)(HathiTrust)

Literature Study
1909 – English Literature for Boys and Girls
(Internet Archive)(Baldwin Project)(Gutenburg)(Free Kindle)

H. E. Marshall @ Librivox

Jansoln, C. (2004) Queen Elizabeth I: Past and Present.LIT Verlag, Münster p 220

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