Looking Ahead to Term 2

Term 2 was supposed to start last week. But life is a little hectic.  So then it was supposed to start this week. But chaos reigns. So Term 2 will start Monday. I am determined.

This week we did testing. No, not AO Exam style testing,  but the TerraNova CAT Complete Battery Plus.

I am not opposed to standardized tests.  I am opposed to their current implementation in schools and the emphasis that is placed on them that leads to a mentality where the test is everything and all decisions are made based on how the test is expected to go. Or, in the current climate, ‘tests’…because they seem to be doing them all the time.

Did I ever intend to give them to my homeschooled children? No. We can do portfolios, and that is such a better idea.

But…time…chaos…you name it. And so here we are doing a standardized test. And it’s not really that traumatic.  And from what I can tell (still have to send away for grading) she did pretty well.

But Term 2 begins on Monday. And it’s time to get serious.  Term 1 was a lovely introduction to the reading part of the CM experience. But I have a dirty little secret.  All those places that said, ‘Mathematics’ or, ‘Copywork’ or, ‘Poetry’ we didn’t always actually DO those things. That was just when we were SUPPOSED to do those things.

And so now that we have narration sorted out (for the most part) and a timeline sorted out (for the most part), and nature study sorted out (for the most part), we have a few other things to sort out.

And so the schedule.


This is what has worked well for us so far through Year 0 and into Term 1 of Year 1.  I need to include housework or it won’t get done (*shakes fist at procrastination*). There are daily chores and then weekly and monthly chores are looped into the schedule on the left. School fits in during the early part of the day.

I will modify this slightly by creating an expanded school schedule that shows our week. We plan to do four days a week, with Friday being left over for a variety of activities including field trips and catchup work.

The weekly school schedule will simply list what happens each day in general terms, and then I’ll refer to the to AO schedule for specifics regarding readings.

Copywork, poetry, mathematics, and reading practice WILL happen every day of the four school days in a week.

Picture Study, Composer Study, Hymn Study and Folksong Study WILL happen each week.

And if there’s time, the house will also be clean.


I modified the AO Term schedule a bit to add in our extra Burgess Bird Book Readings and to schedule in readings from the suggested geography books. I also added room for our weekly kids theology reading and some Habit Training.



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