Timeline – Year 1

In the footnotes for the Year 1 Schedule, AO suggests students at this age should construct a personal timeline.  This PNEU article outlines various styles of timeline that can be created in order to teach children chronology.

In order to correlate all the different figures and events from history that we touch on in Year 1, and to incorporate our own personal timelines, we decided to construct a family timeline book that we will keep as a group for the first several years of schooling with AmblesideOnline.

I tried to go the easy route and looked for free timelines to download.  There were two roadblocks to this route: the first was that many, while beautiful, would be absolute ink hogs, and the second was that every single other one I found included a 0 between 1 BC and 1 AD.

There is no year 0.

Year zero does not exist in the Anno Domini system usually used to number years in the Gregorian calendar and in its predecessor, the Julian calendar. In this system, the year 1 BC is followed by AD 1. 

BC stands for ‘Before Christ.’
AD stands for ‘Anno Domini’ which translates from Latin to ‘The Year of Our Lord’ i.e. The year Jesus was thought to have been born (although now we know that he was born 4 years prior to what was previously thought, so 4 BC is commonly recorded as the birth year of Christ.)

So BC 1 is one year before Christ. AD 1 is the (supposed) year of His birth. No year 0 in between. Which is why the turn of the century was on December 31st, 2000 and not December 31st, 1999.

So I had to construct our own.

First I decided a scale, which differs according to time period.  This is not something Miss Mason would necessarily approve of, but it saves us a LOT of paper and space.

Once my differentiated scale was decided, I figured out how many pages would be needed, and proceeded to combine two sketch books into one in order to make a book big enough to go from about 4000 BC to AD 2030.

Differentially scaled timeline

Next came the laborious task of ruling up the pages.  This took some time.  I ruled a line across the top of each two-page spread, divided each side into 5 or 6 depending on my scale, and then wrote in my 50, 10, 5, 2, or 1 year increments.

Why am I doing this? Ugh. It took forever. But I’ve made it easier for next time. I did a digital version. Which you are welcome to purchase (yes, a shameless self-plug).

The digital version

Yes, it’s a lot of paper, but the ink is minimal. Simply print all pages back to back, staple or spiral bind, and it’s ready to go.

We always have our timeline book at hand, and whenever we read about a person or event from history, we simply pull out our timeline book, open to the appropriate year (sometimes we do an internet search first if the year is not obvious in the reading), turn the book sideways, and then add the person/event under the appropriate date.

Entries from Fifty Famous Stories readings.

There is enough room to write a number of events and to include small illustrations we find or that my Y1 draws herself.

I am keeping a record of people and events from our Year 1 readings. Maybe it will be helpful for you too!

**work in progress**

Some dates are estimates/approximate
If you’re viewing on mobile, rotate your screen for better viewing.

Term 1

WEEK |   YEAR      |  EVENT/PERSON                   |  READING
    1        4004 BC      Creation                                   Genesis 1
                367 BC      Dionysius II Ruler in Sicily      Sword of Damocles (FFS)

    2        2302 BC     The Flood                                  Genesis 6,7,8
                367 BC      Dionysius II Ruler in Sicily      Damon and Pythius (FFS)       
                346 BC      Philip II King of Macedon       A Laconic Answer (FFS)
                155 AD      Martyrdom of Polycarp          Polycarp (T&T)

     3       1950 BC      Birth of Abraham                   )     
              1875 BC      Covenant with Abraham        )Genesis 22
              1850 BC      Birth of Isaac                          )
                480 BC      Battle of Thermopylae          The Brave 300 (FFS)
                  55 BC      Julius Caesar invades Britain Ch. 2 (OIS)

      4      1790 BC     Birth of Jacob and Esau          Genesis 25
                412 BC     Birth of Diogenes                     Diogenes (FFS)
                356 BC     Birth of Alexander the Great  
                371 BC     Alexander tames Bucephalus  Alexander and Bucephalus (FFS)

      5         250BC     Death of Regulus                      The Story of Regulus (FFS)
                  54 BC     Cassevilaunus defeats Caesar Ch. 3 (OIS)

      6      1699 BC     Birth of Joseph                          Genesis 37
                110 BC     Death of Cornelia Africana       Cornelia’s Jewels (FFS)
      7       1669 BC    Joseph promoted in Egypt       Genesis 41
                 510 BC    Horatius defends Rome            Horatius at the Bridge (FFS)
                   40 AD    Caligula ‘conquers’ Britain       )
                   43 AD    Claudius invades Britain           ) Ch. 4 (OIS)
                   50 AD    Caractacus taken to Rome       )
                   77 AD    Martyrdom of Blondina            Blondina (T&T)

      8      1525 BC    Birth of Moses                           Exodus 2
                458 BC     Cincinnatus defends Rome      Cincinnatus (FFS)
              1706 AD    Jan 17 – Birth of Ben Franklin  D’Aulaire
                                 Add other Franklin dates as appropriate

      9      1485 BC    Moses flees to Midian               )Exodus 3,4
              1445 BC    The Exodus from Egypt             )
                  41 AD     Latest date for Androclus       Androclus and the Lion (FFS)
            60-61 AD     Rebellion of Boudicca              Ch. 5 (OIS)
              1724 AD    Ben F. stranded in London       D’Aulaire
                                 Add other Franklin dates as appropriate

     10     1405 BC    Israel finally enters Canaan   Numbers 13,14
                874 AD    Alfred, King of Wessex           Alfred and the Beggar (FFS)
              1752 AD   Ben F. flies a kite in a storm   D’Aulaire
                                 Add other Franklin dates as appropriate  

     11    1191 BC   Gideon,  judge in Israel            Judges 6,7
               122 AD   Hadrian’s Wall built                  Ch. 6 (OIS)
             1307 AD   William Tell shoots an arrow   The Story of William Tell (FFS)

     12    1118 BC   Sampson, Judge in Israel         Judges 13, 16
               209 AD   Marytrdom of St Alban            Ch. 7 (OIS)
               306 AD   Constantine made Emperor    )
               325 AD   First Council of Nicea              ) Constantine (T&T)
               337 AD   Death of Constantine              )
             1386 AD   Battle of Sempach (Swiss)      Arnold Winkelreid (FFS)

Term 2

WEEK |   YEAR      |  EVENT/PERSON                   |  READING




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