Some Changes

What I hadn’t considered when I started keeping an online record of our weekly AO schedule, was that in posting my schedule,  I could be breaking AO copyright.

So in righting that mistake, I have taken down my weekly schedule posts. I shall simply have to keep my records for my own benefit in another way.

Instead I’ll do a term summary that will include how I scheduled and what kind of ‘work’ we did with the various weekly readings, simply posting some samples and summaries.

A Term 1 review will be posted soon.


4 thoughts on “Some Changes”

  1. Oh no! I just came here to get an idea how you break up the subjects thought the week, and throughout the day. I’m struggling with the idea of alternating subjects so their brain is kept fresh. Does that mean you never do readings in a row? Are they always sandwiched between math, etc? I just need to be more organized and not reach for things at random, but actually have a plan for each day. I end up throwing things like hymn study in at odd moments instead of purposefully placing it between readings.

    Thanks for sharing your journey, anyway! I know it’s tricky to not step on toes with copyright issues. Maybe we could get some of your weeks posted on the AO site as examples.


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