Timeline – Year 1

In the footnotes for the Year 1 Schedule, AO suggests students at this age should construct a personal timeline.  This PNEU article outlines various styles of timeline that can be created in order to teach children chronology.

In order to correlate all the different figures and events from history that we touch on in Year 1, and to incorporate our own personal timelines, we decided to construct a family timeline book that we will keep as a group for the first several years of schooling with AmblesideOnline.

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Resource Guide – Our Island Story (Year 1)

***This Resource Guide is a Work in Progress! Check back for updates!***
Our Island Story
(Internet Archive)(Google Books)(Baldwin Project)

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Resource Guide – Paddle to the Sea

***This Resource Guide is a work in progress!***


Anything other than handicrafts, narration, mapwork, and constructing a Paddle timeline, is most likely not compatible with Charlotte Mason methodology but is included here for those looking for a range of resources not necessarily CM.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

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Resource Guide – Charlotte Mason Curriculum Options

Charlotte Mason Curricula – when used as directed provides a generally authentic Charlotte Mason education.

AmblesideOnline K-12
Living Books Curriculum K-8 $
Simply Charlotte Mason K-12 $
Charlotte Mason Help K-8
A Modern Charlotte Mason $
Mason’s Alveary (CMI) $
Mater Amabilis (Catholic)
Wildwood Curriculum (Secular)
A Gentle Feast $

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Resource Guide – Burgess Bird Book


The Burgess Bird Book
By Thornton W. Burgess

This wonderful introduction to the birds of North America is required reading in not only Year 1 of AmblesideOnline, but in many Charlotte Mason and other Classical Studies based curricula.

Through the eyes of Peter Rabbit we become acquainted with a variety of birds as they return to Peter’s neighborhood in the spring. In the context of the story about each bird, we hear about its nesting habits, its feeding preferences, and its interactions with other wildlife. We meet Jenny Wren, Scrapper the King-bird, Redwing the Blackbird, and dozens more.

Welcome Robin and Winsome Bluebird

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