Resource Guide – Charlotte Mason Curriculum Options

Charlotte Mason Curricula – when used as directed provides a generally authentic Charlotte Mason education.

AmblesideOnline K-12
Living Books Curriculum K-8 $
Simply Charlotte Mason K-12 $
Charlotte Mason Help K-8
A Modern Charlotte Mason $
Mason’s Alveary (CMI) $
Mater Amabilis (Catholic)

CM Adaptable Curricula – throw out the plans and busywork and use the booklists to implement an authentic CM Education.

An Old Fashioned Education K-12
Sonlight $
Bookshark (secular arm of Sonlight) $
Build Your Library (secular) $
Five in a Row $
Living Books for Life $ (K-5 Canadian)
Center for Literature Reading Roadmap $ (Literature only)

CM Influenced Curricula – in and of itself does not provide a CM education, but incorporates some of Miss Mason’s 20 Principles and sells itself as a CM Curriculum (generally speaking).

Heart of Dakota $
Train Up A Child (formerly Epi Kardia) $
Winter Promise (Unit Studies) $
Wayfarers (CM + Classical by Barefoot Meandering) $
A Mind in the Light (CM + Classical)
My Father’s World (Neoclassical but leans CM in K-2) $
A Gentle Feast ($ but currently free)

CM Influenced or Adaptable Subject Specific Resources

Various Subjects
Dreaming Spires Home Learning $ (High School)
Queen’s Homeschooling $
Homeschooling Simplified $
The Tutor $
Race for Heaven $ (Catholic)
Penny Gardner $
Jellybean Jar $
Beautiful Feet Books $
Shining Dawn Books $
Homeschooling Downunder $ (Australian Resources)
Public Domain Books for Homeschooling
A Delectable Education $ (Consultations)

Nature Study


Handbook of Nature Study (various subscription levels)
Exploring Nature with Children  $
Perimeter School $ (nature study, CM methodology)

Grace for the Day (Biology and Chemistry)
Sabbath Mood Homeschool Science $ (Living Science)
Apologia $
Noeo Science $
Glory of Kings $
Quark Chronicles (from Barefoot Meandering) $
Sassafrass Science $

Blessed Heritage (African American History) $
Trail Guide to Learning $
Heritage History $
Truthquest History $
Nothing New Press $
UReadThru (claims CM but really just living books with busy work)

Cherrydale Press $

Language Arts


Discover Reading $ or here for AO users
Teaching Reading with Bob Books (Reading/Phonics)
Joyful Shepherdess CM Reading (Reading/Phonics)
Simple Grammar
Center for Literature’s Reading Roadmap $ (Literature)
Cottage Press $
Lessons Through Literature (from Barefoot Meandering) $

Standard Math Instruction (preferred by Miss Mason)
MEP Math
Miquon Math $
Math Mammoth $
Right Start Math $
Math-U-See $

Living Math Instruction (Not preferred by Miss Mason)
Life of Fred $
Living Math

Arts and Enrichment


Harmony Fine Arts $
Riverbend Press $
Enrichment Studies $
Remembrance Press $ (sketching and homemaking)

Map Trek $
Geography Matters $


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