Resource Guide – Our Island Story (Year 1)

***This Resource Guide is a Work in Progress! Check back for updates!***
Our Island Story
(Internet Archive)(Google Books)(Baldwin Project)

Most of these resources are for parent self-education. Some contain pictures or video selections or activities and coloring pages that may be appropriate to share with a Year 1 student. Remember not to overload your Year 1 student with busywork! Do not turn each chapter into a unit study!

“We are determined that the children shall love books, therefore we do not interpose ourselves between the book and the child.”
– Charlotte Mason Volume 2 p231

General Resources
Timeline Figures – Famous Kings and Queens of England
Printables – British Kings and Queens
Map – Roman Britain
Map – Stages of Roman Invasion
Map – Roman Britain AD369
Map – English Conquest AD700
Dates for Each Chapter
Color Illustrations
Timeline Posters

Documentary – The Roman Invasion of Britain
Part 1: Onslaught – Claudius to Caractacus
Part 2: Rebellion – Boudicca, and the Druids
Part 3: Dominion – Pax Romana

Chapter Resources

1. The Stories of Albion and Brutus
Web – Albion
Wikipedia – White Cliffs of Dover
Web – White Cliffs of Dover
Wikipedia – Brutus of Troy
Drawn Narration

2. The Coming of the Romans
Drawn Narration
Article – The Ancient Cultures of Britain
Documentary – Life Before the Romans

The shore was covered with men ready for battle.

3. The Romans Come Again 
Wikipedia – Cassivellaunus
Web – Cassivellaunus
Web – Celtic Encyclopedia
Drawn Narration

4. How Caligula Conquered Britain and How Caractacus Refused to be Conquered
Web – Seven Facts about Caligula (not all for kids)
Article – Caligula: Mad, bad, and maybe a little misunderstood
Drawn Narration
Wikipedia – Caractacus
Web – The Second Roman Invasion
Web – Caracactus’ Last Battle
Painting – The Capture of Caractacus (Sydney Herbert)
Timeline Figure
Web – Celtic Encyclopedia
Song – The Court of King Caractacus

5. The Story of a Warrior Queen (Boadicea) 
Timeline Figure
PowerPoint – Why is Boudicca Important?
Web – Boudicca, Queen of the Iceni
Paper Doll
Drawn Narration
Video – Boudicca Warrior Queen – History Channe Channel, Decisive Battles Ep10

"Will you follow me, men?"

6. The Last of the Romans 
Web – Roman Roads in Britain
Web – How Roman Roads were made
Map – Roman Roads in Britain
Article – Laser reveals lost Roman roads
Drawn Narration

7. The Story of St. Alban 
Video – St Alban the Martyr
Drawn Narration
Virtual Tour of Verulamium Museum
Video – Roman Reenactors at St Albans/Verulamium
Map – St Albans Visitors’ Guide

8. Vortigern and King Constans 
Drawn Narration
Story – Why the Welsh Dragon is Red (Merlin and Vortigan)
Encyclopedia – Vortigern
Map – Britain 400AD
Web – Who was the real Vortigern?
Article – The Kingdom of the Picts
Web – Who were the Picts?

9. The Story of the Coming of Hengist and Horsa 
Web – Historical Hengist and Horsa
Web – Hengist and Horsa in other books
Map – Vortimer’s Battles (and interesting blog)
Documentary – The Anglo-Saxon Invasion
Painting – Vortigern and Rowena

Rowena came into the room carrying a beautiful golden cup.

10. Hengist’s Treachery 

11. How the Giant’s Dance was Brought to Britain 

Documentary – How the Stonehenge site was Built
Video – Modern Stonehenge Builder

12. The Coming of Arthur 

13. The Founding of the Round Table 

14. The Story of Gregory and the Pretty Children 

15. How King Alfred Learned to Read 

16. King Alfred in the Cowherd’s Cottage 

17. More About Alfred the Great 
Timeline Figure

18. Ethelred the Unready 

19. How Edmund Ironside Fought for the Crown 

20. Canute and the Waves 

21. Edward the Confessor 

One thought on “Resource Guide – Our Island Story (Year 1)”

  1. What a great resources I wish I would’ve found this sooner. We are currently on chapter 29-30. But will be using for the next child. Thanks so much. I am looking forward to some updates.


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